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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Shiseido Peel-off Black MasK


1 pack contains 12g, can use for 2-3 times(depends on the amount of usage) Do not use more than twice a week. The effect is really great~~

Directions for use:
1. After cleansing, apply the mask cream onto the face, tear off the mask after 30minutes, and then apply some toner.
2. Please slowly tear off the mask, if you tear it very quickly it will hurt your skin. It is normal that you will feel some pain when you remove the mask.

For better result, it is recommended to steam your face before using the mask! It's easy, just use a basin to fill some hot water, face down to the basin to steam it for about 5-10minutes, and then apply with the mask cream.


Shiseido Whitening Essence Mask

~ renewable living cells to restore the white skin top results
Cleansing --> put the mask --> approximately 20 minutes --> take down the mask -->apply moisturizer
Suggestion : long-term usage one week, effect is better


Friday, January 15, 2010

LIYANSHIJIA Freezing Fresh Exquisite Pore Facial Mask

~ Innovative freezing cells combined with mint from a "Freezing and fresh film" on the surface of skin instantly, give skin fresh and freezing feeling, mulruple exquisie pore essence ingredients can rapidly active the cells of bottom skin, exquisite pore and improve the dry and rough phenomena of skin, specially added the chesnut fruit moisturizing essence directly infiltrate into the root of corneal layer, protect the water contents of self-skin. Skin will be no longer dry but will be watery and look smooth always.


Monday, January 11, 2010

Balo Coffee Slimming Gel

~ Helps to break down excess fats, stimulates the blood and lymph circulation and accelerates the metabolism, help get rid of fats faster
~ Suitable for all types of skin. Apply to areas with fats, cellulite and anywhere which you think needs some slimming down (e.g. arms, waist, lower abdomen, buttocks, thigh). Massage in an upwards direction.

Note: You will feel a heating sensation 15 mins after applying. Do not use too many times and different people may experience varying degrees of heat due to skin type. If you feel it's too hot for you to bear, use a cooling agent like aloe Vera gel to cool your skin.

~ Same as Balo Chili Body Slimming Gel with EXTRA function
~ This one has firming effect and it's not that "HOT" like Chili Body Slimming Gel.
~ So to those who can't really stand the "HOT / BURN" can take the Coffee flavor one.

INGREDIENT OF BALO : Natural red pepper oil, natural beeswax, natural ginger extract, seaweed essence, carbopol, tea, EDTA.

pre order now !!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

ROLANJONA ~ 8 Cups Of Water Mask

~ Moisturizing and moistening the skin
~ Inflammation diminishing and acne dispelling
~ Whitening and speckle removing
~ nourishing and anti-wrinkle

Inginkan kulit sentiasa lembap dan tidak kering TETAPI malas utk minum air 8 gelas sehari... inilah solutionnya..mask yg m'punyai bahan terbaik utk 'mosturize' kulit anda seperti minum air 8 gelas sehari !!
[ tapi jgn plak x minum air..;) ]



RM 4.00

Shiseido Peel-off White Mask

~Shiseido’s latest skin care technology development, the SHISEIDO Vital Perfection Mask has whitening, revitalizing and anti-aging effects. It contains an effective compound which combats skin aging and dulling known as the LAG Revitalizer. The LAG Revitalizer is rapidly absorbed into deeper layers of the skin, effectively allowing the skin to maintain moisture and nutrients. It fights against dark spots, sun spots, black heads, and pimples, decreasing pore size, reducing wrinkles, enhancing skin collagen regeneration, renewing elasticity, resulting in soft and smooth skin.

How to use:

1) After cleansing, gently massage mask cream evenly over dry face
2) Avoid the eyes, lips, and eye brows.
3) Leave on for 30 mins before peeling off gently.